Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting

Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting
Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting

Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting

Movie Review: Commando 3
Artists: Vidyut Jamwal, Gulshan Devaiah, Ada Sharma, Angira Dhar, Rajesh Telang, Sumit Thakur etc.
Director: Aditya Dutt
Producer: Vipul Amritlal Shah and Reliance Entertainment

Ayushmann Khurrana's film article 15 to six years ago, on 21, director Aditya Dutt, who made a film with Rajiv Khandelwal, is 14 years old in Hindi cinema. The directors who made Emraan Hashmi a superstar are also counted and they also count for the fact that they made the biopic of Sunny Leone. Aditya has a huge canvas of cinematic understanding but his vision is similar to that of the 'designer diapers' stitched for wrestlers in the film Commando 3.

Gulshan Devaiah, a victim of overacting who has lost his true luster by working on OTT and despite two heroines, has two opposing ends of Vidyut Jamwal film Commando 3, which do not show their romantic feel on a single song. The first has become a terrorist who takes pleasure in showing live murder to his innocent child. The second one became a patriot, ahead of whom Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who was trying to find a compromise formula in the Ayodhya issue, also failed. This mission to capture terrorist Burak Ansari, who is preparing to wreak havoc in India like the World Trend Center of America, is in the backdrop of London.

Vidyut Jamwal is Sunny Deol of the new century. His hand weighs more than two and a half kilos. They have set patterns of action. Getting out from the middle of the car window or hitting acrobatics in the air to catch the enemy is just like the previous films of commandos. But, the film is worth the scene of his encounter with two knifemen. The entire action scene is done by Vidyut himself and it is difficult to ignore this scene. Vidyut has enhanced his action in this film. Dialogues are also better than previous films. His on-screen presence makes up for the lack of detail in the story.

You have already read the story of Commando 3 in the second paragraph. The screenplay is the same for this film. Just add a five-minute action scene after every line and a two-hour and 13-minute film is ready. Aditya Dutt started his career with a musical film like Aashiq Banaya Aapne and has surprised in this effort to make an absolutely non-musical film. Yes, the film could have been more effective if the screenplay had been a little agile and had given the characters a fair but logical background. The film would have been better if the melody of Hindu-Muslim unity was sung in a slightly lighter tone instead of the fifth.

The film is quite weak from the technical side. Mark Hamilton shot the film on which camera, but he knows, but Juhu, the film looks bad when watching on the big screen of PVR. The visual effects of the film are also very superficial. The entire scene of Dogra taking Burak Ansari by helicopter and reaching the ship is made with special effects and in this entire sequence, all the weaknesses of visual effects are revealed.

After Vidyut Jamwal, if this film is handled by an artist, then it is its heroine Ada Sharma. Just as the entry in Vidyut Jamwal's film is done with a fake diaper wrestler, Ada Sharma appears as a fake bride in her entry scene and collects the color from the first scene. His Hyderabadi style of speaking Hindi is the comic relief of the film. The work Angira Dhar has also done well. Aditya has also given some good action scenes to both the heroines. If there is free time, if there is nothing to do, then by watching the film Commando 3 can be timepassed. Movie commando 3 gets three stars..
Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting Commando 3 Review: The Action Of Electricity And The Acting Reviewed by M Rehan on December 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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