Chhapaak Trailer Review

Chhapaak Trailer Review
Chhapaak Trailer Review

Chhapaak Trailer Review

Digital Review: Chhapak (Trailer)
Artists: Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey etc.
Director: Meghna Gulzar
Producers: Fox Star Studios, Deepika Padukone, Govind Singh Sandhu, Meghna Gulzar
Rating: ****

How many governments have seen Delhi since the year 2005, the politicians are well aware. But, the politicians who make the system do not accept the politics, just one thing that acid is still being sold openly in the country. On July 19, 2013, the Supreme Court of the country, on the public interest litigation of a girl named Lakshmi, directed to enact a law for the sale of acid in the country, asking it to ban its open sale and also said that acid attack was a non-bailable offense Will be considered It is on the biography of Lakshmi Aggarwal that Deepika Padukone's new film, Chhapak.

However, the situation has not changed much since then. The highest attacks of acid in the world have been in India. Two years ago, in a train going to Lucknow, two boys forced acid under the girl's circles. How an acid attack scorches the body of a teenager or a young woman, scratches her mind as well, is what the director Meghna Gulzar tried to do in this trailer of her film Chhapak.

Deepika has once again drawn a big streak of her acting. She keeps making the lines of others shorter like this. Instead of Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone should have received the National Award for Best Actor in the film Piku. But the jury did not give. Deepika's answer to this unheard of jury, Chhapak!

The trailer of the two-minute 19-second film Chhapak, which comes to the dialogue "They have changed my face, is not my mind!" Directly hurt the system. Lakshmi also had to study, she had to move forward, but the acid sold in street lights burned her dreams. Lakshmi also looks determined to be stubborn, a phoenix that comes out of the ashes. Deepika is once again glorious in the character of Malti. Apart from Vikrant Massey, in the role inspired by Alok Dixit, other fellow actors also look strong. If those watching the trailer start waiting for January 10 from now on, then it is not a big deal.
Chhapaak Trailer Review Chhapaak Trailer Review Reviewed by M Rehan on December 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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